About Us & Our Process

Hi there!

We are Ben and Louise, a sustainable design duo having graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2019. During our time at university we realised our passion for hand craft and environmentally conscious design. Bouclé was founded in Hackney after combining these with our love for candles and research into holistic health!

We hand-pour all of our eco soy wax 100% essential oil candles in our home studios in East London & Brighton using the finest natural vegan ingredients.

With sustainability at our core, we invested a lot of our time in sourcing renewable and recycled materials and packaging as well as blending our unique essential oil combinations. 


Our Process:

We work together in our home studios in Brighton & East London where we create the candles in very small batches.

During the development process we experimented endlessly with many different scent combinations and ratios - using 100% all natural essential oils. After testing the blends on family and friends we settled on our initial five candles, displayed on the products page. We're super pleased with them, yet love continuously experimenting with new blends for different seasons.

We slowly hand mix our wax and oils in bain-maries. Deciding on using soy wax for our candles was important for us as we wanted them to be completely vegan, therefore suitable for everyone as well as meeting Bouclé's ethical and sustainable requirements.

Once the wax and oil blend reaches the correct temperature we pour it into our amber glass jars which we source from a family run company in Wales. The final stages to our candle production include labelling the jars and boxes with our self-designed labels, hand stamping the outer box and protecting the candle by filling the box with recycled, shredded card.

The process from start to finish is very therapeutic and we greatly enjoy the slow, methodic labour that comes with hand craft.

Within Bouclé we approach every hand crafted product we create with the same ethos. We have a selection of hand-printed lino cut cards with complementary designs to the candles which make perfect gift cards. The lino cut design, drawn and cut  by hand by us, is printed onto Zerkall printing paper which is cut & mounted onto 100% recycled card and presented in a fully recycled paper envelope. They make the perfect gift card or gift package if paired with a candle. 

- The wooden wicks used in all of our candles burns slower than traditional cotton wicks and emits a gentle red glow and soft crackle as it burns. 

- Our candles are made from the finest eco soy wax which offers a longer and cleaner burn, is vegan and cruelty free as well as being a renewable natural resource. 

- 100% pure natural Essential Oils [no synthetic fragrances, chemicals or colours]. 

- Approximate burn times are [120ml 25 burn hours // 180ml 40 burn hours // 500ml triple wick 60 burn hours]. 

- Our candles are hand poured in an alluring apothecary style and recyclable amber glass jars which can also be repurposed around the home after use. They are sealed with an aluminium lid. 

- Comes in a hand stamped recycled cardboard box filled with recycled cardboard filling [making it perfect for effortless gifting]. 

- Candle label and internal note & instructions printed on recycled brown paper. 

- Handmade by us in East London & Brighton.

- Always try to trim the tip of your wick between each light to 3mm. This enables to wax to travel up the wick properly to feed the flame and will ensure you get the best results from your candle. 

Bouclé is a registered partnership owned by Ben Sumpter & Louise Watteau.

1 St George's Place, BN1 4GA