£26.00 - £32.00

The duo makes for the perfect gift for any candle lover!

Simply choose your preferred scent choice & candle size below and we'll pair it with our stylish jar of matches! The candle and jar of matches will accompany each other perfectly on any mantle place or shelf.

- The jar comes with a strip of match striking paper attached to it's underside.
- You must be over 16 to purchase this product.
- The amber glass jar comes with an aluminium lid which is filled with approximately 90 matches to light many a candle!
- Both jars can be easily refilled or up cycled around the home after initial use!

- The candle is hand-poured by us, Louise & Ben, in East London & Brighton.
- We use 100% natural, sustainable ingredients in our candles including pure essential oils, soy wax and cotton wicks.
- The candle comes packaged in its own hand stamped recycled card gift box, with recycled shredded paper filling.
- For detailed descriptions of each essential oil scent blend & more information about our candles please see the individual candle's listing.
- Available in two sizes [120ml & 180ml].
- Approximate burn times are [120ml - 25 hours // 180ml - 40 hours ].
- We strongly suggest that you burn your candle for a minimum of 2 hours on the first burn to encourage even burning and trim the wick to 6mm between each burn.
- The cotton wick and eco soy wax will give your Bouclé candle a cleaner and slower burn than a synthetic paraffin candle.