6 Ways To Reuse Your Candle Jars

6 Ways To Reuse Your Candle Jars

Embrace the love for your favourite candles by giving their old jars a new use in your home! Our natural aromatherapy candles infuse tranquility into any space, but many candle enthusiasts are unaware of the hidden potential their favourite candles hold even after they've burned out. We have popped together our favourite uses, offering you a world of repurposing possibilities...


1. Reuse your candle jars as apothecary style bathroom organisation

Use your candle jar as a toothbrush pot or fill it with cotton buds or make up remover pads for an instant easy way to style your bathroom shelves. Our bamboo buds are made from fast growing bamboo & organic cotton and come as a completely plastic free refill, ideal for topping up your candle vessel. 


2. Repot your plants or sow seeds in an old candle jar

Your Bouclé amber glass candle jar is the perfect size for repotting small cacti, succulents or herbs in the kitchen as well as an ideal size for sowing seeds. Plants love having some drainage so it is best to plant them in a small nursery pot which you can then pop inside the old candle jar. Our Donna Wilson X Bouclé Ceramic Candle comes with its candle care instructions printed on seed paper for you to sow in the pot once the candle is burned down!



3. Reuse your candle vessels as useful storage pots

Transform those empty jars into storage solutions for your desk or dressing table. Say goodbye to dull matchboxes and hello to a recycled candle pot that holds all your candle supplies. Show off your matches and candle snuffer in a decorative jar, adding an apothecary touch to your living room.


4. Show off your blooms in your reused candle jar

Give your old candle jar a delightful second act as a vase for dried flowers. Gather a collection of dried flowers or seasonal wildflower blooms & cut their stems to approximately 15cm before arranging in the jar. The transparent glass will showcase the intricate textures and muted hues, creating a captivating centrepiece or a rustic addition to any shelf or table. 



5. Use your jar as a mini hamper to regift

Spread the joy of repurposing with your friends and loved ones by giving new life to those empty candle jars. Create a mini hamper that is sure to bring a smile by choosing their favourite flowers or creating some bath salts, thoughtfully arranged inside the candle jar. The perfect sustainable gift!



6. Use old candle jars as tealight holders

Give your apothecary style candle jars a new purpose by transforming them into functional tealight holders. After cleaning out any remaining wax, simply place a tealight snugly inside the old jar for an upcycled candle holder. They also make ideal homes for battery-operated fairy lights. Create a captivating ambiance by delicately winding a string of lights around the inside, transforming it into an atmospheric centerpiece for your table. Pictured is our flickering Vetiver, Grapefruit & Bergamot Oil Candle.



Return your old candle jars to us using our Return & Refill Scheme

If it is a Bouclé candle jar, you can return it to us to be sterilised and reused & earn yourself a discount on your next order for doing so! Find out more about our Return & Refill Programme here! 

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