Sustainability & Values

Bouclé is the place to discover consciously designed and all-natural products lovingly handcrafted in the UK.

The two of us are fascinated by the everyday, home life rituals and how what we consume and surround ourselves with impacts our day to day lives. 

Our core values are based around two main, interwoven pillars:

  1. Environmental & Social Responsibility
  2. Individual Wellness

The interwoven nature of these two factors is becoming increasingly more widely known. In present western society, we are constantly overwhelmed by material abundance and choice. We are bombarded with information and products which are becoming increasingly more detrimental to the health of the planet as well as our mental state. 

Everything we hand craft at Bouclé has been designed to enhance your lifestyle, whether that be in your work space surrounded by all-natural scent, meditating under candle light, or practising yoga in amongst a specific essential oil blend. Each product hand-made at Bouclé has been consciously and creatively crafted, to experience as part of slow, conscious living.

Our lovingly hand-made products represent and celebrate the artistry of individuals behind small sustainable businesses. They are a stark contrast to the mass produced, machine manufactured products that the world is awash with. Through reverting back to hand craft, far greater regard and love is placed on individual, long lasting items which we hope you will love.


We are really proud to partner with Ecologi, an environmental organisation focusing on planting trees where they are needed the most. We have our own mini Bouclé digital & real world forest to keep track of this and to see that projects and types of trees we are planting. 

With every order placed on this website, you plant a tree, so thank you.

You can gift more impact yourself & plant some of your very own trees in the Bouclé forest for a very low cost. You can do this directly on the Ecologi site by following the link here. Every tree makes an impact, by skipping your next 2 coffees out, you could plant an amazing 25 trees!

You can keep track of our mini Bouclé forest here!