Our Process

In our home studios in East London & Brighton we hand-pour all of our soy wax 100% essential oil candles, blends, diffusers and more.

With sustainability at our core, we invested a lot of our time in the initial stages sourcing renewable, high quality natural ingredients as well as recycled, environmentally friendly packaging materials. 

During the development process we experimented endlessly with blending many different pure essential oil scent combinations and ratios. After testing the blends on family and friends we launched our first range of natural products in early 2020. The novelty of seeing our candles head out to homes across the world will never wear off and, although running a small business is a constant process, it’s wonderful to observe our small business grow.

We remain a tiny team of two with every aspect of the business undertaken by us. This includes initial product designs and product development, researching new ideas, scent blending and manufacturing the products by hand pouring, hand crafting and packaging. We’re also fully responsible for the website design, social media, and an endless stream of emails… the list goes on but we love it! 

The process from start to finish is very therapeutic and we really enjoy the slow, methodic labour that comes with hand craft.