A Big Hello from Ben & Louise at Bouclé

A Big Hello from Ben & Louise at Bouclé

Hi there!

We hope you are doing well & enjoying having a look round our small business and shop. We just thought we would pop on here to say hi, say a bit about where Bouclé came from & what is important to us.

We are Ben and Louise, a sustainable design duo who graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2019. Founded in Hackney, we hand pour all of our essential oil soy wax vegan candles and other natural products in East London & Brighton.

We started with candles because we were wanting to light candles in the evenings to feel cosy at home but were tired of getting headaches from synthetic fragrance oils. We found that replacing these synthetic fragrances with 100% pure essential oils solved this issue but also unlocked a much more natural aroma which we couldn't get enough of. 

We founded Bouclé just before the COVID-19 pandemic which made for quite a strange first year of being open but we slowly grew and met so many amazing people and organisations along the way. 

It is thanks to all of your support that Bouclé slowly moved from being our small project on the side to our primary source of income enabling us to work together everyday, we couldn't be more grateful.


Why did we choose the name Bouclé? 

After many mispronunciations & questions as to why, we have put together a little bit of info around where our name came from & what it means to us both.

So please enjoy having a look at our hand made products & please reach out to us anytime on our contact us page.
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