Bringing the Freshness of Spring into Your Home with Essential Oils

Bringing the Freshness of Spring into Your Home with Essential Oils

Spring is here and with it comes a feeling of new beginnings and revitalisation. As an all-natural aromatherapy duo, Ben & Louise at Bouclé will make sure you are surrounded with the best unique essential oil blends this season. In this post, we'll highlight some of the best essential oils to incorporate into your daily routine, including blends for oil burners, candles, and rattan reed diffusers.
Bergamot essential oil is a fresh and uplifting oil that's perfect for the spring season. With its light and citrusy scent, it's a great oil to use in the morning to start your day off right. Find it in our Vetiver, Grapefruit & Bergamot Candle as seen in Vogue.
Rosemary essential oil is great for promoting mental clarity and concentration. It's also perfect for the spring season as it can help you stay focused and productive [to power you through those Spring cleans & long meetings]! Find it in our Rosemary, Lavender & Clary Sage Soy Wax Candle or Rattan Reed Diffuser for a truly herbaceous aroma. 

Eucalyptus essential oil is great for clearing your mind and reducing stress. It's also perfect for the spring season as it is known to help alleviate some symptoms of seasonal allergies. Find it in our floral yet fresh Palmarosa, Bergamot & Eucalyptus Rattan Reed Diffuser.

Neroli essential oil has a sweet and floral scent that's perfect for bringing the freshness of spring into your home. It is our go to for lifting our mood and freshening our space. Find it in our Neroli, Bergamot & White Grapefruit Room Spray or our Neroli & Mandarin Organic Hand Wash.

With its calming and relaxing properties, lavender is a staple in any aromatherapy routine. Use it in a diffuser, candle, or oil burner to create a peaceful and calming environment. Try our English Lavender Candle, our Rosemary Lavender & Clary Sage Aromatherapy Blend or our Sicilian Citrus, Lavender & Rosemary Candle to help relax at moments when you need it most. 
    At Bouclé, we hand pour all our natural essential oil candles, aromatherapy blends and diffusers in East London and Brighton. Our products are free from synthetic chemicals and nasties, so you can rest assured that you're only getting the best.
    This spring & summer, enjoy our exclusive invigorating Bouclé scents.. Whether you're looking for a refreshing spa experience or just a way to enhance your daily routine, our all-natural essential oil blends are the perfect way to bring the freshness of the seasons into your space.
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