Our Favourite Floral Essential Oils...

It's Spring, the blooms are popping up left right & centre in the garden but why not bring their all natural fresh aroma into the home too?

It can be really hard to choose the right scent, so we have put together some of our favourite floral essential oils, where they come from and their scent properties. 



Oil: Extracted from the blossoms of bitter orange trees
Scent: Our strongest of floral scents, neroli completely engulfs you in the most fragrant of spring blooms. 



Oil: Steam distilled from the leaves of the bitter orange tree.
Scent: The lovely foliage scent of a local florist grounded with notes of citrus.  


Oil: Cold pressed from the zest of the bergamot orange. 
Scent: Often used as a top note in our scents, it has a gentle aroma compared to its other floral counterparts. 




Oil: Steam distilled from the grassy tips of the herb.
Scent: Reminiscent of the sweet scent of English pink roses in full bloom in the summer months. 



Oil: Steam distilled from the quintessential purple flower heads of the lavender plant. 
Scent: One of the most distinctive herbaceous floral scents, lavender as a 100% pure essential oil is a million miles the synthetic fragrance oil copies. Reminiscent of English herb gardens in the late spring months, we find it truly relaxing. 


Below are some of our favourite all natural floral scents in our candles:



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