Which essential oils are best for a loving atmosphere this Valentine's Day?

Which essential oils are best for a loving atmosphere this Valentine's Day?

Here at Bouclé, we're all about embracing various forms of love this Valentine's – from self-care, to love towards your partner, to expressing gratitude to friends and colleagues.

Curious about the Essential Oils that radiate love vibes this Valentine's Day?

  1. Self Care and Connection

Enter Frankincense – a powerhouse Essential Oil renowned for its connecting, focusing, spiritual, and grounding properties. With a history steeped in centuries of spiritual practices, it's your go-to for achieving balance and concentration. Dive into the essence of self-love with our Petitgrain, Siberian Pine & Frankincense Candle or Evergreen Aromatherapy Oil Blend, or our Floral Petitgrain Diffuser.

  1. For Friendship

Bergamot Essential Oil takes the spotlight when it comes to fostering friendship. Its beautiful aroma works wonders in soothing overthinking and anxiety, elevating your spirits and bringing a sense of contentment. Light and bright, it's a reminder of cherished memories. Enjoy it in our Vetiver, Grapefruit & Bergamot Candle or our Neroli, Bergamot & White Grapefruit Room Spray.

  1. Romantic Love

Patchouli, with its deeply sensual and romantic aura, exudes femininity. This relaxing, warm, and grounding Essential Oil inspires confidence, creating an ideal atmosphere for romantic moments. Indulge in our Patchouli, Cardamom & Mandarin Rind Candle or our Unwind Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blend.

  1. Romantic Love

Vetiver steals the show as an understated Essential Oil beloved by many. Its earthy, woody notes offer a refreshing departure from floral scents. Experience the properties of Vetiver with our Meditate Aromatherapy Oil Blend or our fresh Neroli, Vetiver & May Chang Candle.

If you'd like a little more inspiration see our Valentines Selection, for our curated Bouclé batches that are our favourite to enjoy this month!

This Valentine's Day, let the captivating scents of Essential Oils in on celebrating love in all its forms at Bouclé!

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